Dress To Impress: Lookin’ Good! (October 2017) || FailArmy

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Dressed to fail! Put on your Sunday best and get ready to watch people ruin their wardrobe. From wedding fails and beyond, this compilation is sure to tickle your …


31 thoughts on “Dress To Impress: Lookin’ Good! (October 2017) || FailArmy

  1. Ballsdeep Singh

    FailArmy fails are getting weaker and weaker. Where's the blood? Where's the bone?

  2. Keyan Ghasemi

    3:43 it literally looks like a heard of cows running to the shed because it’s lunch time

  3. Joshua Young

    The way those fat girls were running I thought the catapult launched burgers through the field.

  4. Fail Compilation Academy

    dance into the fail 😀 😀
    If you want to see more funny fails then check out the videos on my channel 😉

  5. Steven Kaminski

    Uh, the clip at 0:47 is definitely NOT from October 2017. The first time I saw that clip was a few years ago.

  6. TrionBulldog

    Force your little boy to dress like a girl and they lose their vision. Karma's a bitch.


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