3) Learn to earn with Fiverr – Fiverr Rules and Regulations Urdu/Hindi

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Fiverr Rules Regulations Urdu Hindi

Course Name: Learn To Earn With Fiverr

Fiverr Rules Regulations Urdu Hindi. As I promise I will guide you all you guys to help start earning in home with fiverr. Now I am launching 3rd lecture of our course Learn to Earn with Fiverr. In this lecture I will guide you about fiverr rules regulation and how to use this site before start working.

Fiverr only allow you 1 account, you are not allowed to create multiple account. You can access to your fiverr account only 1 account on per IP address.

Note: When you connect to internet, your ISP gives you unique IP address, If you have multiple computer but one internet connection its mean you have one IP on all of your computer.  You need to be more careful that no anyone use another account on your internet connection.

Never use free VPN for fiverr, all free VPN provide same IP to everyone, it’s possible that you and any other user using same free VPN with same IP.

Never use free stock images, always create your own images for your fiverr gig, adobe photo shop is very easy and simple to create your own gig banner.

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