Free DoFollow Backlink, DA 44 and PA 53

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This is the first post of daily backlink series , from today we will make daily one backlink.

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A backlink is any hyperlink on any site that referrer back to your website.  Search engine algorithms function under the semi-correct assumption that if a webpage is lousy, nobody will link to it. Conversely, they also assume that if a webpage is good, people and websites throughout the web will naturally begin linking to it.

The classic analogy is that Google (and the other search engines) views backlinks as “votes” from other websites. Thus, if your webpage has one hundred backlinks from one hundred different websites, Google sees this as one hundred websites “vouching” for the importance, quality, and relevancy of your webpage. The more “votes” your webpage has, the more Google considers it a page worth giving importance to. The more important Google considers the webpage, the higher it will get ranked in the search engines. Long story short, the more backlinks you can get, the better off you'll be.

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