How to block unblock Wi-Fi access to your friends

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How to block unblock WiFi access to your friends

To block access or unblock your Wi-Fi user very easy. First you will need access to your modem admin panel to block unblock Wi-Fi user. To do this check your Wi-Fi admin URL on the back side of the Wifi Modem.

how to block unblock WiFi access
Wi-Fi Modem Back Side

If you have chargeable Wi-Fi modem device please remove the battery and see the modem admin panel URL under battery and access to admin panel.

Chargable Wi-Fi Modem Under Battery

Now when you get the admin panel URL, open this in your web browser, it will ask for username and password, enter username and password.

Watch Video How to Block Unblock Wi-Fi access

When you enter to admin panel search about statistics tab.

In this tab you will get all the information who using your Wi-Fi network, you can block unblock any user from this page

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