Install all Windows freeware software just in 1 click

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Install Windows freeware software just 1 click. Ninite is one of the best and fast auto installer for your windows, Ninite works on all major windows Xp Service Pack3, Vista and windows 7, 8, 10. Ninite is free trusted and safe tools for windows users  Ninite.

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When you install fresh window in your PC or laptop, you will need to install some basic or advance software like, skype, google chrome, firefox, antivirus, dropbox, Google earth, pdf reader and many more. Ninite will help to install all software just in 1 click without any tension.

Ninite free and paid

Why Ninite and how its works is one website that offer list of all freeware software. You can access to Ninite through any web browser, google chrome, Firefox. Just select any of program that you want to install in your computer or laptop and click on download installer. Ninite will start downloading just single file onto your computer or laptop. Now run this installer file and it will start automatically download and install each program that you selected. Good thing that installing it in the background and will decline all the other offers like toolbars etc. It’s really easy and great way to install all software quickly with safe way. Ninite download software from their official website.

Different Between Ninite and Ninite Pro

Ninite offer two packages one is free and paid service with name Ninite Pro. In the free package basic feature are free for home users. Company also making some money with Ninite Pro package. Corporate users can get Ninite Pro package just in $20 per month or $240 per year. Monthly subscription are charges automatically before the due date. Annually subscription will notify you for renewal to pay before expire your subscription. You can manage multiple computer with Ninite Pro version. Ninite Pro version also make offline installer that can install without accessing internet.


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