JIGSAW Killer Scare Prank!

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Try to solve the enigma if you can. Jigsaw the killer is back, straight from the movie with his enigma to be solved. Do not miss on teathers saw: legacy this Halloween. TRAILER: https://youtu.be/I…


32 thoughts on “JIGSAW Killer Scare Prank!

  1. Ren Tfk

    i dont know if this is acting or legit prank but that last guy have my respect. people like him are very rare now.

  2. LaDuciola

    Perché non fate vedere la reazione dei ragazzi quando dite che è uno scherzo?

  3. World War 1

    German or Italian, on the last one one of the guys had he German flag on his jacket?

  4. Supernatural Fandom .030.

    Tht one guy tht just left wtf 😂 at least don't let him die alone man



  6. Candice Uchiha

    Una candela? Quel soldato non ha nemmeno controllato il suo polso, per un impulso. WTF?

  7. Mixing Mix MC

    It’s kill or be killed (guy didn’t want to risk his life for a stranger cause u doesn’t really get anything out of it+ he did try but the chains wouldn’t come back off).

  8. Matheus Castilhos

    my life can last some hours, the thing i produce is consuming me,i'm immune from grey light, only one thing can kill me, who i'm ?
    i have a question, WHO i"M JESUS christ.. i need know!!

  9. Pennywise The nuzzling clown

    Couldnt have the guy just remove the syringes in that trap in the first place?

  10. Pennywise The nuzzling clown

    That guy could have just find something to block the gun and have enough time to call the po po


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