Learn HTML in Urdu-Hindi-Tutorial#1

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Learn HTML In 21 Days Urdu-Hindi Tutorials

Here i will teach you HTML5.If you are interested to become a good web designer HTML is the first step to become a web designer or web developer.Read all the html tutorial in urdu.This course is very simple you can learn html in some few weeks You might learn html in 21 days depends on your leanring capacity.All the html tutorial are simple to understand you will enjoy My Tutorials.

I Guarantee you If you are really interested You can learn html in 21 days or Less

in this first tutorial # 1 you will learn about

  • Intorduction to HTML5

  • Using Notepad++

  • What is HTML 

  • Basic HTML Tags

  • Example of HTML Document



learn html in 21 day urdu-hindi tutorial Introduction Introduction to HTML


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